All I could ever ask for,all I could ever wish for,the laugh I needed so bad,the smiles I didn’t need to force,the friends I would live for,the family that has gone away,the memories that refused to be forgotten,life has certainly played a smart one on me and I’m letting it,helpless i am.

The scars ,the trust,the love lost,the forgotten aspect of our lives keeps coming.we do need someone to talk to,someone to share our pains with us,someone against nothing would make us smile,at some point we realize everything was just temporary, not everyone comes and stay till the very end.

Everyone now in one way or the other is in a competition, running an unending race,no one wants to live or sacrifice for the other,friends turn enemies,brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters, mother’s against children, fathers against children, we live in a world full of confusion, praying one day we would come out of it.

The ills of society has negatively influence our sense of reasoning. Only if all what we wished for as a kid is fulfilled, we’d live happy,happiness is an unending joy of the heart,it comes from within, change is within, change is constant.

My greatest desire is at the end “may everyone be happy and fulfilld


8 thoughts on “MY GREATEST DESIRE(POEM)_Sandra emeruwa 

  1. You’re absolutely right… as a child thats one thing my mind was wired subconsciously to do. Be happy, growing older, society and education revealed the evils of the world to me. Being happy, genuinely, your your circle of friends of family, the fewer the better, is life ultimate goal. ✨✨
    Thanks so much for this

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