All I could ever ask for,all I could ever wish for,the laugh I needed so bad,the smiles I didn’t need to force,the friends I would live for,the family that has gone away,the memories that refused to be forgotten,life has certainly played a smart one on me and I’m letting it,helpless i am.

The scars ,the trust,the love lost,the forgotten aspect of our lives keeps coming.we do need someone to talk to,someone to share our pains with us,someone against nothing would make us smile,at some point we realize everything was just temporary, not everyone comes and stay till the very end.

Everyone now in one way or the other is in a competition, running an unending race,no one wants to live or sacrifice for the other,friends turn enemies,brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters, mother’s against children, fathers against children, we live in a world full of confusion, praying one day we would come out of it.

The ills of society has negatively influence our sense of reasoning. Only if all what we wished for as a kid is fulfilled, we’d live happy,happiness is an unending joy of the heart,it comes from within, change is within, change is constant.

My greatest desire is at the end “may everyone be happy and fulfilld


PROUDLY ME_sandra emeruwa

Be proud of who you are
Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.Don’t live with the results of others thinking.Stop being unhappy with yourself, stop wishing you look like someone else or wishing people like you as they like someone else.Stop trying to get attention from those who hurt you.

Stop hating your body,your face,your personality,your quirks love them,without those things you wouldn’t be confident with who you are.Smile,if anyone hates on you because you are,happy with yourself then stick your two finger up and say “screw you“my happiness will not depend on others anymore, I’m happy because I love who I am,I love my flaws,I love my imperfections,they make me me and ‘me

People would always have their different opinion about you and your lifestyle,pay no attention to them you can never be perfect in anybody’s eyes,there’s alway that one thing that would ruin it for you,don’t let the noise of others opinion drown out your inner voice and most important,have the courage to follow your heart and intuition .


Most people spend the recovery literally feeling like a loser,but the truth of the matter is,at some point everyone has to lose, when you reframe your thinking to see making a bad choice or screwing up in some way it just an opportunity to learn what not to do in the future,you stop beating yourself up over mistakes Everyone is bound to make a few mistakes,the real worry should start when you stop making mistakes ,life can get boring


success is the sum of little effort, repeated day in and day out.small effort repeated severally or many times brings great results.


Selfishness doesn’t seem like something that will improve your life, but soberiety is selfish, it has to be.As someone in recovery you have to be selfish in order to preserve your sobriety you cannot allow yourself to try and please other people and risk relapsing. During the beginning stages of sobriety you are fragile, so you can not put yourself in a vulnerable situation .by doing so you are risking too much.susceptible situations will vary from person to person, you have to know your limits and be selfish about sticking to them.otherwise, you are putting your happiness in jeopardy. When you question your selfish acts, think about how a relapse would hurt more people than just you.use that as your strength to stay selfish. Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and remind yourself to these five simple things

  1. Today is my day
  2. I’m the best me ever
  3. I know I am a winner
  4. I can do it,yes I can
  5. God will always be with me

It will help you develop stronger relationships,It will help you achieve bigger successes and most importantly it will help you find the happiness you deserve.